The travels of an impoverished student

The first trip that I went on was to Lisbon with an invitation side called the Saltires, whose roots, as the name would suggest, were in Scotland. In those days you would get a call out of the blue and board a plane, not even knowing the team you were going to play with. The Saltires were similar in every respect to the Penguins. Other sides that regularly attended this event were the White Heart Marauders, the Bahrain Warblers, the French Froggies and the Crawshays.

The White Hart Marauders were founded in 1982, specialised in seven-a-side rugby and were based at the White Hart pub in Eversley, Berkshire. Outstanding International players such as Will Carling, Peter Winterbottom, Jeremy Guscott, Lawrence Dallaglio, Mark Titley, Colin Hillman, Jon Sleightholme and Dewi Morris played for the team. The tournaments they played in attracted tourists dressed up in various costumes.


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